The power of the image… or not

It was a cold morning. Excited about what that might offer on my walk.

I stopped next to the huge old oak, determined to get something more.

I experimented with different angle for my photos to share the beauty and awesomeness of this ancient tree.

I realised it was impossible. It wasn’t just my camera phone or the limit of my skills.

There were feelings that you couldn’t convey in an image.

The mystery and excited anticipation of a cold, misty morning.

The quietness and solitude.

My respect for the tree. The awe it invoked. Living so long.

Slight embarrassment from attempting to use the tree for my own ends.

I walked on towards the pond for variety. Because I felt the need. No reason.

I was immediately rewarded when I arrived. Birds on birds.

birds on birds

I walked around the pond and found more beauty.

I returned past the oak and tried to capture it. But more respectfully now, from a distance. Respect that you would show to an elder.

(as I reread, how can you show respect whilst trying to capture something?)

What does this mean?

Feelings are tangled up in everything human (like the web of mycellium connecting the plants underground). Trying to separate out, organise and structure in an orderly manner is crazy. Why would you want to when you destroy the beauty in the process?



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Alex Papworth

An adventurer who helps professionals find inspiration on their own adventure